Loke L Y (Retiree)

Maxx Capital was introduced to me by my friend, and I was very pleased with their services and rates, so I had sold a few of my policies with them in 2021 because I am retired now, and I don’t want to commit paying long term for my 2 whole life plans.

Kelly Teo (Entrepreneur)

I got so much higher values of the surrender values from Maxx Capital by selling off my 4 policies to them. They are well recommended if you want to sell your policies.

Eve (Executive)

I did an assignment with Maxx Capital in April 2021, and was happy with Desmond and Michael services, they are both very efficient, responsive and friendly. I received a larger amount than I would have if I had surrendered to the insurer. The entire process was seamless and fast. I even recommended my friend, Cheng to Maxx Capital when he wanted to sell his policy.