Common Reason for Stopping Policies

  • Reaching "break-even" point(Cash Value = Premium Paid)
  • Better use of fund and future premiums
  • Cashing in for better investments
  • Heavy Commitment
  • Paying of Debt
  • Migrating
  • In need of Cash
  • Have not been paying premiums and cash value depleting
  • Splitting of assets
  • Do not wish to repay policy loan
  • Policy Restructuring

It is a traded insurance specialist that buys over existing insurance polices and gives you a higher cash value than you giving up to insurers.

No , we are a local firm that only deals with trading of traded endowment and life policies.

Upon receiving your free policy quotation notice, we will assess the policy and provide you an answer within 3 working days.

Upon agreed on the offer, assignment is done at the insurer’s customer service office and payment Is paid to you once the paperwork is completed.

We do not provide such advices as we only do trading of insurance policies. You can approach a licensed financial advisor for such services.

Once the policy is assigned to Maxx Capital Investment Pte Ltd, your premium payment to the policy ceases.

You have no rights/obligations to the policy as Maxx Capital is the legal owner of this polcy.

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